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With Your Heart, Do Your Part

A Non-Profit Organization

July 20th, 2010

Thanks and Linking to Various WYHDYP Places @ 05:56 pm

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The With Your Heart, Do Your Part event for 2010 has passed, but it was a huge success! As soon as I get my hands on the photos, I'll upload them here. We'd like to thank the Great Falls Performing Arts Center for allowing us to use their venue, all the businesses for donating items for the raffle, all our performers, and of course, everyone who came out to support this wonderful cause. We could not have done this without everyone's help and cooperation.

While I'm still thanking people, I'd like to thank everyone from Fair Lawn High School who dedicated their time and effort for the organization of this event and our sister schools in this project: Bergen Academies and Leonia High School. Without the dedication and willingness of the students and teachers involved, this would not have been possible.

Finally, but most important, a huge thank goes to the ever wonderful founder of With Your Heart, Do Your Part, Michelle Silberman. None of this could have happened without her compassion, understanding, flexibility, and determination. Congratulations to her, as well as our other senior members, on graduating this year. I'm sure that you will bring with you everything you learned working with WYDYP, and perhaps spread the goodwill all throughout the country (maybe even set up some other chapters wherever you go *wink wink*).

Linking time.

The Official With Your Heart, Do Your Part Website- here you can find more info on us, our mission, our cause, get involved, and make a donation

With Your Heart, Do Your Part on Facebook
- here you can find more updates on meetings and any other FLHS-WYDYP related functions

With Your Heart, Do Your Part on Twitter
- here you can find more updates on meetings and any other FLHS-WYDYP related functions

Fair Lawn High School Website

Bergen Academies Website

Leonia High School Website

Great Falls Performing Arts Center Website

May 19th, 2010

Tickets, T-Shirts, Meetings and Volunteers! @ 04:43 pm


Tickets for With Your Heart, Do Your Part are on sale now! See any WYHDYP member or visit our table in the D-cafeteria during both lunches to purchase. This ticket will get you into a night of food, fun, and entertainment while all the benefits go to a great cause!

T-Shirts are also on sale now! We will be getting order forms out soon. They are purple (the color of general cancer awareness) with white lettering. Guys can wear (and will be!) wearing them too!

Meetings are also Mondays and Fridays after school in Mr. Zisa's room, B-206. As our event draws nearer, it's important you attend these meetings! If you want to get involved, meetings are the best way to get the inside scoop and learn where we could use your help.

Finally, we need volunteers to help us make food for the event. We need a lot of food! If you're going to make something, it needs to fill up a whole aluminum tray. The more food the better! See Aysha Seedat if you want to make something delicious for us.

That's all for now!

May 16th, 2010

Welcome! @ 12:40 pm


Welcome to the official With Your Heart, Do Your Part LiveJournal Community. This is one of the many measures we are taking to make sure word gets out about our program. This LJ Community will probably go through a lot of changes as the event gets closer and we get more people involved.

Our variety show is at Temple Emanuel in Paterson, New Jersey on Sunday, June 13, 2010. Tickets will be available before and at the event. Prices inlcude:

Children ages 5 & under FREE
Tickets for students and senior citizens (65 or older): $10
Tickets for adults: $15
Tickets for VIP's: $25

VIP Benefits include:
-The best seats in the house on a balcony and more!

Food is included in the ticket price!

All of our profits go towards the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, specifically for children's rehabilitation.

We hope to see you there!


With Your Heart, Do Your Part

A Non-Profit Organization